Why Trump’s Lack of Reality Will Bring People Closer Together


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Donald Trump may have won, but he somehow already lost. 14 days and 20 executive orders in and the world is already upside down. Time to take a look at the positive effects.

The recent protests at Berkeley University give you an example of the collective aversion towards him and his fellowship. Milo Yiannopoulos is a popular conservative activist and outspoken Trump supporter. He was scheduled to speak at Berkeley University on Wednesday, where a peaceful protest of 1,500 people turned into a violent street riot. The police canceled the event after a small group of protesters started to light flares and smoke bombs.

Milo responded shortly after: “Leftist violence is now completely out of control. Soon it’ll be the conservatives that’ll need safe spaces.”

Was it right to protest? Of course. Was it right to do it like this? Of course not. This kind of violence undermines the idea of civil opposition and it could become an ugly role model for future protests. It also gave him a reason to react in his very own way:

If you have something to say, say it. You have an opinion, fine. Then use your voice, not your hate.

Donald Trump might understand the business world, but he sure don’t understand society anymore. In his defense, he’s probably not doing it on purpose, because if you live in your 1% bubble like he did for 40 years, you might lose the ability to connect with working class people. Don’t get me wrong, many Trump voters are working class people, many of whom are just waiting for him to keep his promises for more jobs, which is fine, but don’t expect too much.

So what exactly is the positive effect then?

In the age of technology most people understand that there are no real borders or walls anymore. You can connect with anyone, anywhere, at any time. The only walls left are those in people’s minds, and as long as we don’t overcome those walls, we can’t move forward.

And that is exactly the reason why his one-man show will bring people closer together. His “America First” policy created a worldwide movement against closed-minded ideas and backwards thinking. We have global trading, so why can’t we have global thinking? The protests show that we can…

Women’s March, airports, Dakota pipeline, and Berkeley are an objection against an ancient mindset. The world understands it, time for him to do the same…


O’Hare airport in Chicago / Photo: Kamil Krzaczynski / Reuters

Europe has a message too

As a response to Trump’s “America First”, a Dutch late-night show asked the question: “But who comes second?” The video went viral and turned into a “European late-night message to Donald Trump” titled: everysecondcounts.eu.


Make the future count

So, are we doomed just yet? No, not as long as you keep fighting with words instead of hate. Let’s put this left and right bullshit aside and get together, exchange ideas, write it down and let him know. And maybe, just maybe he will understand that he’s not the president of all people yet.

So get out of your doomsday bunker and show him how the world works.


Chris G.
Founder Infinite Sense, Tech and Philosophy enthusiast. Always looking for common sense and a better future. // christian@infinitesense.org


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