A Lack of Context – When Clickbait Goes Too Far


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53 million followers give you a lot of power in the online world, but it also has it’s downsides. So why exactly did PewDiePie get dropped by everyone, except his fans?

WSJ ‘investigated’ PewDiePie’s Youtube videos of the last 6 month, searching for anti-Semitic content. In the end the found 9 videos containing explicit or anti-Semitic language. So they wrote an article and contacted Disney about their findings. Now you need to know that Disney owns Maker Studios, and Maker Studios works(ed) with PewDiePie. The WSJ article was reason enough for Disney to cancel their contract with PewDiePie. Youtube then followed by canceling his YoutubeRed Series “Scare PewDiePie”, and deleting 3 of his previous videos.

The question is: Is he anti-Semitic (Spoiler: he’s not), or just once again the victim of a clickbait-loving media?

Clickbait and Hypocrisy

Headline writing has long been considered a skill but, in the digital age, a new word has become synonymous with online journalism – clickbait. Put simply, it is a headline which tempts the reader to click on the link to the story. But the name is used to describe headlines which are sensationalized, turn out to be adverts or are simply misleading.

Publishers use it for simple economics; the more clicks you get, the more people on your site, the more you can charge for advertising. Everybody knows that, right? Well, some media outlets have taken it to a whole nother level.

Let’s start with the Wall Street Journal writer, Ben Fritz. He is 1 of 3 authors of the recently published article: Disney Severs Ties With YouTube Star PewDiePie After Anti-Semitic Posts surprisingly followed by: PewDiePie Exit Brings Disney’s Struggles With Maker Studios to the Fore. According to his bio, he covers the film business and media companies including Walt Disney Co. It’s pretty obvious that he would cover the story, right?

But Fritz, who accuses PewDiePie of being anti-Semitic, has a problem. He must have been so focused on making a name for himself, or he was just personally offended by his JOKES that he somehow forgot about his own Twitter profile… ah, just slipped his mind probably. I’ll give you a reminder:


This kind of hypocrisy is not only highly questionable for a so-called journalist, it’s simply disgusting. These people are the reason why nobody trusts the media anymore. They take statements out of context just to place a clickbait headline. But without that context, a rush to judgment not only leads to a distrust towards the media, it can destroy a person’s life.

Bottom Line

Everybody who thinks that he is anti-Semitic, a Nazi, or a racist has clearly never watched his videos. Despite the fact that nobody ever talks about the millions of dollars he raised for different charities over the years, the media needs to finally understand that clickbait may be good for the money, but it’s definitely bad for a moral society.

It’s pretty simple: About a year ago, he moved away from being just a Let’s Player to a kind of comedic commentator who takes a satirical approach at today’s society through sometimes dark, but in the context understandable humor.


Dear Wall Street Journal, please just focus on what is literally your name, because you’ve proudly shown the world that you’re incapable of doing anything else.


Chris G.
Founder Infinite Sense, Tech and Philosophy enthusiast. Always looking for common sense and a better future. // christian@infinitesense.org


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