Hi, my name is Chris. I'm a front-end developer, tech enthusiast and privacy maniac. When I'm not busy making websites, I write. And this is the place where it all comes together...

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The name is a reference to common sense, which sadly seems to be decreasing over time. People are talking about building walls, although we all know that we must first overcome the walls in our heads in order to really understand current and future problems. In a rapidly developing world it's most important that we don't forget the key values of humanity. Morality and common sense are the core of every functioning society and I wanna make sure that we never forget that. I'm trying to combine common sense with reason and objective truth, but with a personal signature. But most importantly, I want people to think and double-check, not to blindly belief everything they hear or read. It usually depends on the topic whether articles are published in English or German.

We are all the same, and then we are not... And that's a good thing. The simplest version of a better world — to some extent — is live and let live. But why can’t we even agree on that? Because we stuff ourselves in categories like Left or Right, although everybody should know that you don’t need Left or Right to think straight ahead. Nonetheless, I won't stop fighting for what is supposed to be true. And you shouldn't either…

Let's make the future count.